About Parental Monitoring Software

parentalappHow do parental controls work and what can a parent control remotely? Are parent control apps expensive? Parental controls are features that can be installed on a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with a convenient, affordable application. Once the app is installed on a device it allows a parent to monitor all activity on that device remotely. Given the ability to monitor a device remotely, a parent will always know what a child is doing. The things parents can find out with a monitoring device include:

  • What they’re viewing on the Web
  • Who they are interacting with
  • What content they are being exposed to while using their computer or mobile device
  • What keystrokes they are putting into the device
  • What plans they are making via contacts and calendar/appointments
  • The exact location of the child through GPS tracking (if installed on a mobile device)

The Internet can be an excellent tool for learning and communication, but it can also be incredibly dangerous. Parental monitoring is growing far more difficult in the age of technology where kids have access to the Internet: This opens them to an entire world of unseen dangers. Thanks to the creation of parental monitoring software, parents are armed for the fight!

Parental control apps are a resource for parents so they can keep their kids safe from online predators. The software applications are affordable and empower the parents by putting them in a position where they can once again know exactly what their child is doing. Let’s face it, children do not always make good decisions because they lack the ability and foresight to do so. Their lack of experience makes them vulnerable, so it is the parents’ job to ensure they remain protected and safe. Computer monitoring apps make that job a whole lot easier.

Child Monitoring Software for the Mac and Windows

Parents who are looking for a software application that helps monitor an Apple Macintosh computer when a child is using it will find MonitorPhones affordable. The program is exceptional in the way of its features. MonitorPhones will only work with a Macintosh device. The system is compatible with the Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11. In order to use the software application to monitor the computer the minimum hardware requirements include a Mac computer with Intel Core Two Duo Processor, Internet connectivity so regularupdates can be installed, and 1.5 GB of available hard disk space. The program is English. Some of the applications exceptional features include:

  • White list/blacklist features
  • Web content monitoring
  • Content blocking
  • History monitoring
  • Anti-Predator chat monitoring features to track any objectionable chat content
  • Periodic screenshots of activity
  • Keylogger allowing parents to monitor the keystrokes a child makes
  • Peer-to-peer activity is blocked
  • Inappropriate emails are blocked
  • And more.

But, what if the computer has a Microsoft Windows operating system? Is the program available so that you can monitor the computer as well? Are there applications that are compatible with Android mobile devices and other cell phones and tablets? The answer to both questions is “Yes.” There are programs you can choose from and MonitorPhones is one such program: This program is an award-winning app can be installed remotely without access to the physical device.

It is compatible with Windows, iPhone, Mac, and Android operating systems. The features may differ depending on the operating system on your device. Features include tracking of Web history, email tracking, Skype monitoring, alert Word screenshots, instant messages tracking, and tamperproof features.