Affordable Mobile Tracker with MonitorPhones

parentalappThere are so many mobile tracking app options on the market, that the parents looking to track children’s interactions and behaviors on mobile devices might at first be overwhelmed by the number of selections available. Program diversity is great, but not if it leaves a parent confused about what application will serve as an ideal solution for their child monitoring needs. Below is information on the leading mobile tracker software applications for monitoring mobile devices. By revealing the cream of the crop in the way of software, parents can make an easier choice of the software required to keep their child safe.

In today’s world, parents can never be too protective. When a child is online or off, would be predators await and are looking for the right vulnerable moment. By monitoring a child’s telephone for unusual activity, parents will be one-step ahead of the game; they will be better able to protect their child from potential online predators while keeping the child from accessing information that they should not have access to while online. has been around for a while and is a trusted name in mobile monitoring applications. The application has plenty of filtering tools allowing parents to block out access to pornography, to mask any profanity in written texts, and to block access to websites that the child should not visit. The parent can also establish time limits for the child so that they do not spend too much time on the Web. The program application is compatible with devices fitted with the Android and Apple devices, and jailbreaking is not needed with a premium account.

Mobile Mobile Monitoring Software and What MonitorPhones  App Offers

MonitorPhones is one of the more affordable mobile applications you can get for monitoring a device. The program will run in the background while tracking information on the phone it is installed on to, and it will do so while presenting the information to you in a personalized report.

Bear in mind though, this application requires that an iPhone installation must have the phone jailbroken in order for the app to install on it and work. Essentially this means that the phone must be able to accept third-party apps that are not downloaded from the Apple store. The jailbreaking process is perfectly legal as per the exemptions provided by the copyright office in 2010 and 2012 allowing the jailbreaking of mobile devices. The application will allow you to monitor all of the following and more:

  • Text messages
  • Pictures
  • Phone location via GPS
  • Personal contacts
  • Log calls
  • Internet Browsing History
  • Geo-fencing Alerts
  • Downloads
  • Chat sessions


Mobile Phone Tracking App Solutions with MonitorPhones

MonitorPhones is a bit on the pricy side but it will give parents full peace of mind and control over a child’s phone. The app allows for the monitoring of sent and received messages, appointments, added contacts, and chat sessions. From a distance, a parent can filter out inappropriate mobile apps with the use of the software application. Calendar appointments, and personal contacts are also within full access of the parent monitoring mobile device.

This tool also allows you to monitor Web browsing history so you can see what websites the child has tried to access. Photos and video are monitored for inappropriate content, and parents are provided with screenshots and keyloggers providing information about every keystroke the child makes.