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Phone Calls History

Any target smartphone or tablet activity is in plain sight. Monitor text messages and call details. Even if the event logs were deleted, the most important info would still be available for you to check over.

Social Media and Messengers

Any photos and social media activity are easy to view. Track all popular messengers effortlessly – Facebook, Twitter, Viber, WhatsApp, etc. Check all websites visited.

Geo Location Tracking

Monitoring GPS location of your target phone is reliable and convenient. Update location as often as you wish to stay aware of where your kid, employee or spouse is. View it on your gadget map.

Spy Apps for iPhone and Android VS Legal Parental Monitoring Software

Nowadays, any parent can see how much children are excited about using mobile devices and spending time online. According to 2015 study by Pew Research Center, more than 90% of kids own or have access to a cell phone. 92% of teens go online daily, and 24% admit that they stay online “almost constantly.”

Aside from having access to the limitless source of information online and staying connected to their friends, children may face dangerous Internet predators, various fraudsters, and cyberbullies. Statistics say that about 1/3 of all children have been bullied online, and almost 15% of minors had their Social Security Number stolen by Internet imposters. Of course, parents have to adjust to modern reality and take measures to protect their kids from the possible dangers of the Internet. To do this, parents may monitor the mobile devices of their children, and parental monitoring software was designed to help them in it.

Many parents monitor their children’s mobile devices secretly – in other words, “spying” without telling kids about their intentions. Theoretically, parents have the right to control their underage kids, and yet it may cause many negative consequences. First of all, if children accidentally get to know that their old folks have been checking their texts, calls and social network activity, they may feel very disappointed, upset and nervous. Secondly, sometimes parents may go further than just keeping an eye on their kids with benign intentions to protect them. Spying software gives a great power to a parent, and some may end up stalking every step of their minors expecting something wrong to happen or just being too curious and forgetting that though too young, their children still have the right to privacy.

No denying that spy apps are very popular worldwide not only among parents. Jealous boyfriends and girlfriends use spyware for iPad and iPhone as well as for Android to stalk each other. Husbands and wives are trying to catch their unfaithful spouses; mistrustful bosses tend to control their employees. They listen and record live calls, track location, read texts and even use spy camera for iPhone to take photos and video secretly. Sometimes such apps are extremely hard to detect as they can run in the stealth mode. For example, iPhone spy without jailbreak may reveal all secrets and stay unnoticed by the user of the target device. Needless to say that such approach to tracking is illegal and unethical as it breaks personal privacy and violates human rights.

However, there is a better way for attentive parents to make sure that their children stay safe while using the Internet. Parental monitoring apps are legal and reliable while having no less useful features than stalking software. Most of the parental control apps need to be installed on a child’s smartphone or tablet but some, such as ParentalApp, can also work on iPhone without jailbreak. In any case, it is crucial for parents to discuss with their children why they want to monitor their mobile devices. Parents should explain that they are checking kids’ contacts, calls, and texts not because they don’t trust them but because the Internet is full of threats and being too young children may not yet know about them all.

Another good way to convince a child not to oppose to being monitored is to remind that parents are the ones who bought and gave them a mobile phone or a tablet. The device is a reward that they may be won by constantly behaving well and showing that they can use the Internet responsibly and respectfully towards others. To be sure of it, parents have the right to install a controlling app on a child’s mobile device.

Besides being legal and useful, parental control apps are also better than stalking software because they induce to discuss problems openly. Both parents and their children should make a deal to monitor and being monitored, and that’s how they don’t lose trust in each other. Parental control software is always there to help, but anyway, parents should explain all possible risks of being online to their children and educate them to use the Internet consciously and protect themselves.

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